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Orange and yellow light poured into the room and onto two figures sitting at opposite sides of a long desk. A grim, stoic expression etched itself across a wide wolf’s face under which was wrapped a brown, formal suit and tie around a thick, furry neck.

“I’m serious, Garros,” said the Wolf who stared into the eyes that sat across from him. The wolf’s expression remained grim, though the fingers of his right paw danced up and down as they tapped against the dark, mahogany surface of the desk.

 “You can’t be serious?!” the half-lion, half-wolf named Garros said in exasperation. “You know that allegations like these are what caused the resignation of two teachers last year from Harris Academy, right?” He was so infuriated he stood up and leaned forward on the desk a foot from the wolf’s face. “And you know what happened don’t you, Daniel?!” Garros pushed himself off the desk and started pacing back and forth, huffing as he tugged on his mane, pulling tufts of his long, golden-orange hair out. Daniel leaned back in his leather chair and interlocked his paws, resting them on his lap.

 Sighing, Daniel looked away for a moment and back to the mostly lion eyes. “Look, Garros. I like you, heck as far as I know all of the students like you, but Andrea said that you were the one who had groped her, at night, in the parking lot after last week’s game against the Sabertooths.”

 “I wasn’t even at that game! Did she tell you that she’s failing my course? That she’s probably making the whole thing up?!”

 “Be that as it may,” said Daniel in an authoritarian tone. “You are suspended WITH pay, might I add, until the investigation is complete.” The wolf leaned back farther into his chair, tilting it back in place and crossing his legs as he looked up at the ceiling and back down to Garros.

 “That’s great,” Garros said, looking down at his large feet, past his brown suit pants. “I suppose that it’ll be a week or two before the investigation is over.”

 “That’s right.”

 Garros looked up at the clock, it was 4:30p.m., and he’d been arguing for half an hour in the headmaster’s office and was too angry to continue to argue anymore. He had enough of this ridiculous situation. “I get it, I’ll pack some things and leave. I can’t be on grounds until it’s over, can I?”

 Headmaster Daniel, pursed his lips together looking up thoughtfully once more. “I suppose not. This is the first time it’s come up actually, 35 years at Harris academy, and you’re the first teacher to be accused of impropriety against a student.”

 “I’ll try to contain my excitement.” Garros said as he walked across the oak floor to the frosted glass door bearing Daniel’s name.

 “One last thing, Garros.” 

 Garros stopped; his paw was mid-turn on the door handle as he looked back at Headmaster Daniel Barrett.

 “I know that girls aren’t your thing, but I do wonder if what Andrea says is true. Be on good behavior now, if you’re innocent, we’ll be happy to have you back when this whole messy business is over.”

 Garros’ heart sank as he turned the handle and walked out of the Headmaster’s office. His head was a sea of competing thoughts about the last words Daniel had said to him, so much so that he didn’t recall leaving the academy, or forgetting to go to his classroom to collect his things. Instead he found himself pulling his Jaguar-- after having driven for several hours--into a parking space in front of a bar he had never been to before.  He didn’t bother to catch the name before pushing the door open and hailing the bartender for a whiskey, sour as he took a seat at the bar, lost in his thoughts. 


Félix Rêverie was at the bar drinking his loneliness. His muzzle was in his drink, enjoying the smell of the beer. This was his only hobby. He was on a tight budget. Recently he bought a house specially made for otters with indoor pool and connecting water tubes. So it costed more than a generic house. He was working almost non-stop every day of the week to be able of the week. This situation was putting a strain on his mental health. His hobbies and love life were totally inexistent. He sighed loudly. He was sure that some might have heard and he didn’t care.

He lifted his head and looked around to see the patrons. A hybrid caught his eyes. Those were not that common. His eyes lifted to the television to see what was on it. Random sport show. He was not really into land sports. His life was water. Any kind of water sports would have been fine for him. He was actually a swim teacher and coach for the swim team. It was pretty convenient for an otter.


Garros sat at the bar and contemplated his situation in the bottom of a fifth of whiskey. His paws lay against the wooden surface, cupping the glass between them. Slowly, he looked up past the bartender who quickly walked back and forth clearing glasses and serving more drinks, and past the line of bottles to the mirror beyond. His face stared back at him. Lion’s eyes sat in a half lion, half wolf face, his nose was a mix of the two as was his muzzle, but the unmistakable eyes of lion, and upper lip of a lion reflected back at him. He sniffed in response to his tired visage, it had been a long day, and all he could think about was the meeting in the headmaster’s office, the whiskey covered nothing.

 Sighing, Garros looked around the bar for a moment and brushed his mane back with a paw to unblock his vision. The bar was something between small and medium –sized. Its patrons were a mix of all types of animals doing the normal routine: a giraffe and a fox were playing pool; a group of dogs were carousing, singing songs in a far corner; business raccoons dressed in fancy suits were drinking and laughing, clearly trying to impress each other and a couple of male and female wolves that sat a table next to them; and a dragon threw darts with a boar and lynx.

 Turning his head back towards the bar, Garros noticed an otter a few seats down who looked about as stressed as he was. He was actually rather striking, a mix of soft and sharp features and a handsome muzzle and body that leaned over his drink. 

 “I’m surprised I didn’t see him before,” said Garros whispering to himself as he got up and slid his glass down the bar, and took a seat next to the otter. He cleared his throat and tilted his head slightly towards the otter’s direction as he held the drink firmly in his paws, “misery loves company, they say.”


Félix Rêverie jumped when one patron talked to him. He wasn’t expecting any company. His heart was beating fast after skipping one. He was so lost in his thoughts he forgot his surroundings. The other patrons and the environment had completely disappeared in his mind and he was lost in a big black hole of loneliness. The hybrid snapped him out of it inadvertently. He looked at his interlocutor and his eyes were scanning. It was a bit more difficult than usual after drinking a couple of beers.

He was trying to discover what type of hybrid you were. His nose detected a combination of smell. His nose wiggled and everyone could see he was sniffing. He could smell the scent of a feline and canine. This intrigued him. Canine and felines were completely two different species. It was almost genetically impossible to combine them. “That guy must be a scientific mystery”, he thought to himself. Soon he was seeing the features of lion and wolves. This was a deadly combination. His gut was telling him to be careful.

The alcohol has his effect. More he was thinking about which part of one species you had, more his mind was going lower to your groin area. He was now wondering if you had the canine or the feline manhood. To be more precise, he was wondering whether you had a knot, barbs or both. Those thoughts had a physical effects on him and he started to blush heavily. He did his best to push them far away. He was a bit ashamed of himself to think about a stranger like that. Also, doing that in public could get him in trouble.

He took his beer and finished it. He sighed and answered. “I would love some company, yes. It can get pretty lonely at this side of the bar.” He made sign to the bartender to refill the drinks. “On me.” He presented his paw. “I’m Félix.” His eyes were still on you. It was like he needed to keep an eye on you just in case. This was more his instinct talking. He knew full well in this day of age, everyone was more civilized. Deep down, he knew that you wouldn’t jump on him and rip his throat open. Not that he wouldn’t mind being jumped on. Here he got angry with himself to have that sort of thoughts. His claws scratched slightly the wood.

He looked over at you after the presentation. “Do you mind if I ask you why you’re drowning yourself in alcohol?” He pointed to the empty glasses where the hybrid was standing earlier.


Garros' eyes followed the direction of Félix's and pursed him lips ruefully, "oh, that.... well, I had a bad day at work and found myself here." He laughed, showing his teeth and tongue as he turned back to face the handsome otter, "I don't even know what I'm thinking, it's been awhile since I've had a drink. I should probably decline your offer for another though, it's appreciated." He purred softly and without any trepidation, placed his large paw on top of the otter's stroking the back of Félix's paw with his thumb.


Félix Rêverie blushed but you couldn’t see this well with his red tinted fur. His ears flicked as your finger started to rub. His tail tip was slowly lashing. He could feel his heart beating fast in his chest. You could see in his eyes that there was a lot of thoughts going on. Your stature and presence was starting to be appealing for him. More this touch was going on, more he was feeling self-conscious. Not that he wasn’t comfortable with his sexuality. He didn’t care about the gender. If he felt a connection with someone, it was all good for him. The patrons might not be as tolerant as he was. He was afraid of that. Causing a scene was not really an option. As the seconds were passing, he was starting to like in another sense. The best course of action was to act casually. He didn’t move his paw. His tail still wiggling behind him in a pendulum movement.

He broke the short silence. “What do you do for work?” He paused. “I’m a swim teacher and the swimming coach for the public school not far from here.” He sighed thinking back he transferred years ago to this school. He worked at a private school at the opposite side of the country but an incident made him move. “I work also as a life guard a pool nearby to make extra cash.” He took the new beer that had arrived in the meantime. He started to drink it in small gulps. “You know, making extra cash.”

He put his paw on yours and looked you in the eyes. “If you need a pal to discuss your problems, I can be of service. People say I’m a good listener. That’s why my students love me. They say I care.” His muzzle was dangerously close in this position. 


Garros' smile began to dissolve in what may have appeared interest as you began to talk his own world began to spin. Not just emotionally once you spoke the word, 'teacher' but visually too. He blinked a couple times trying to focus on you and your words. The otter next to him said something about 'swimming' and 'listening'. Felix's face was close, he could kiss it, he wanted to kiss it, and as he leaned forward, Garros blacked out.

From afar it appeared quite comical. A suited lion hybrid next to an otter at a bar. A mix of conversation and close body language suggested maybe something more, and as the two figures leaned closer, the lion's body passed the laws of acceptable physics as he suddenly crashed to the floor of the bar, making a solid thud, and causing a few people to look and laugh.

A wolf nearby shook his head and muttered "...don't drink if you can't handle it."

The bartender shook his head looking first at the passed out lion and then at the otter, "he a friend of yours?" He said to Felix.


Félix Rêverie saw you fall. He was shocked but he was snapped out of his trance by the barman. “Yes, it’s a friend of mind.” His lifeguard instincts kicked in. He turned to the barman. “I’m a lifeguard, I know CPR. Let me check how bad it is before calling the emergencies.” He kneeled beside you in a very professional. The patrons looking at him could see he wasn’t kidding. Two of his finger were on your neck taking the pulse. He checked if you were breathing. It was the case. Everything was pointing in the direction of alcohol.

He looked over at the barman. “Yeah, you’re right. He drank too much. I will take him home.” He was mentioning his pace. “Can you call a cab and help me?” Soon, a cab arrived and you was put in it. He was checking you regularly. At the first sign of problems, he would call 911. Fifteen minutes later, the cab arrived at his place. You were put on the couch inside. He paid the driver with a generous tip.

He went back inside and closed the door. He put a blanket on you. He sat not far from you reading a book.


Black nothingness. Void of identity, void of time, void of awareness. The void enveloped the bipedal hybrid known as Garros as he slept black-out drunk--unbeknownst to him--in the otter's house.

Dimly some part of him was aware of discomfort in his groin. His paws stirred, left paw grabbing his pants where they had tented while he slept, his thick sheath causing pain to the body while his mind remained blissfully unaware of his current predicament. His body acted in a simple manner of its own accord to relieve the pressure of his pants being too tight.

Half a minute ticked by as his paw tried vainly with no direct mental control touching the area, trying to grab and pull his pants crotch away, until finally his paw struck a moment of brilliance, the distinct sound of a zipper opening broke the silence in the room and allowed for his knotted wolf cock to pop out straight up, a different kind of red flag.

It stood in the silence, erect, seemingly well over six inches, pulsing slightly but perfectly matching the sound of a clock in the room, "tick, tick, tick.

He sighed in relief, still asleep in nothingness, with his right forearm drapped over his eyes blocking out light and his left gently wrapped around his knot and pulsing wolf cock.


In the corner of his eyes he saw you push the blanket aside. He concentrated on his book again, concluding you must have been warm. A couple of minutes pass and he sees movements in the corner of his eyes again. This it were your paw. He turned to you thinking you were waking up. What happened next froze him completely. He was not ready to see what he saw. When the distinctive sound of the zipper stopped, he saw a red rocket pop out of your pants. He was speechless. His mind was rushing to find a plausible explanation. No one in his right mind would have done that in a stranger’s house. Soon his thoughts were more rational. Maybe you were still asleep.

Now, his eyes were scanning your malehood. He had finally his answer. The mysterious hybrid had a beautiful canine cock. His lewd thoughts came back. It was so hard and the knot throbbing following the beat of your heart. He was mesmerized but ashamed. He was invading your privacy and getting aroused by it. His pants were getting tighter too. He sighed and stood up. He had the intention of going upstairs and change into something more comfortable but decent.

When he walked by you, he stopped and took the blanket. He checked if you were really asleep. He took one of your big paws and let it fall down. No reaction. He placed his small lutrine ear not far from your muzzle; He could hear your regular slow breathing. You were definitely asleep. He was putting the blanket over you again, when his eyes locked on your hard member. He was compelled to touch it. He trailed one of his webbed digit over the length. “Fuck, what are you doing?”, he thought. He put the blanket back over you, covering you up.

He went upstairs to change clothing. He put some loose shorts and a loose shirt without underwear. This was something he could hide his hard on. He went back downstairs and sit back where he were. He pick up where he left on the story. This time, you were not in the corner of his eyes. He placed himself in a way he couldn’t see you if you pushed the blanket on the side again.


Garros awoke with a decent hangover. Sighing and wincing, but he'd had worse, he licked his mouth and yawned, sighing again and getting up barely able to remember anything. "Ugh where am I?" He said softly as he propped himself up with an arm and pushed off the blanket on him that was getting uncomfortably warm.

He scanned the unfamiliar room until he saw the otter from the bar, sitting in a chair facing away from him. Suddenly, he remembered what had happened earlier and realized that he must have passed out and the otter was kind enough to take Garros in for the night.

Garros cleared his throat to get Felix's attention and sunk his head down in embarrasement to apologize and thank the otter, and that's when he saw his knot and cock on full display and let out a little roar surprise, spinning himself so fast he fell over hitting his back and butt hard on the floor, making a second loud thud for the day.

Feeling a fool, Garros said. "Oww, oh man, I'm sorry." as he faced away from the otter in his chair.


Félix Rêverie had fallen asleep on his chair. The book was now lying on the ground, some pages folded due to the fall. His ears flickered when you started to wonder where you were. He sleep was deep due to the alcohol. When you cleared your throat, he jumped up. The time to turn around, you were on the ground. He was looking at you quizzically. His mind started the process of waking up. His thought patterns were now clearer. He blinked before talking. “Don’t be sorry. It happens.” He chuckled. “I’ve seen worse in my college years.”

He picked up a bit of shame from your body language and he remembered what he saw. He let a chuckle out. “Don’t worry. I see penises all day long.” The testosterone flooding his blood pushed him to say something out of character for him. “Yours is nice.” His eyes widened in terror and he was cursing his own semi. He had said the truth. If he could, he would have sucked on it, rode on it. But you were too drunk to consent. He was not that kind of guy who took advantage of others. He blushed heavily.

The silence was heavy and he decided the best course of action was to defuse the awkwardness. “Now we are even.” He giggled awkwardly, scratching his head. He tried to change subject. “This is my home, the reason I’m alone…” He didn’t give more precisions. “You can stay for the night. I stayed here downstairs to keep an eye on you. Just to be sure that you want into an ethylic coma. I saw that twice and it’s not a pretty sight.” He pointed to the blanket. “Do you need more blankets or sheets?” He paused. “I would have proposed one of my pajamas” that he never wears “but you are more massive than I am. I’m sure you won’t fit.” He looked at you sternly. “Yes, you will stay for the night. You’re not in state to head home.” This was the lifeguard speaking, in an assertive tone, which usually compelled people to follow his orders.

He stood and he adjusted his shorts. From under, it was possible to see his own manhood. When he was just before the stairs, which could be seen from where you were. “The bathroom is over there.”


Garros began to rise, his heavy paws pushing himself up off the floor to a standing position. Cock still erect it stood pointing towards you and swung side to side as he took two long strides towards Felix stopping a foot away.

"Thanks . . . Felix, was it." Reaching a paw out to shake your own. Feeling a little buzzed, a little hungover, and far less inhibited both from the alcohol and your praise, Garros purred smiling at the otter who was matter of fact about everything that had gone on, and everything he saw.

Looking down past his extended paw, he let a growl of desire escape his lips at seeing your otterhood bulged out in your shorts. "And as far as your hospitality, I do need to use the restroom as I think that's why I'm so . . . revealed right now, and I could use a drink of water and something to take the headache away." Garros twitched his paw waiting for you to accept, still smiling a comforting smile, "and maybe some company, too, if you'd like."


Félix Rêverie reaches for you paw and shakes it. “Yes, I’m Félix.” He paused trying to remember yours but he realized that you never mentioned. “And you’re? As far as I remember, you fainted just before telling me.” He tried to keep his eyes into yours, your erection was dangling just in plain sight. Knowing that you hard member was there was a real temptation. He needed all his willpower to resist the urge. It’s not only his eyes that had the urge. His paws were restless at this point but he kept his arms parallel to his body. His tail was brushing the ground.

“Don’t worry about being revealed. I’m a male too. We all have that type of problem every morning.” Indeed he had that problem right now. Not because it was morning, but the fact that your manhood was so close to him. His body language was betraying his intentions but he couldn’t help it. He was happy when you requested something to drink. This would give him the perfect opportunity to calm down. He was still not sure if you were toying with him or flirting. His paws nervously rearranged his short to hide his erection.

“I will fetch you a glass of water while you’re in there”, he was pointing to the bathroom with his muzzle. “Yes, I would gladly make you company.” He put his other paw on yours, shaking yours with both now. “I have a TV and Netflix. We could watch something if you want.” He points under the TV where the consoles were. “I have video games too.” His head turn to shelves with games on them. “Also, as you can see, this is a house for water living species. This one is particular, it’s made for otters. The rooms are connected by a pool and tube system. If you’re interested, we could swim.” He relaxed and confessed. “You know, I’m myself a bit of a nudist. I don’t like clothing in general. At home, I’m naked. So, if you feel comfortable.” He pointed to your exposed member. “You can walk around naked. I won’t mind.” He bits his lip to avoid saying something stupid. “I promise to not ogle and be cool with it.” He paused and let your paw go. “I let you decide while I fetch your drink.” He headed to the kitchen, using the door instead of the water entrance. He was clothed after all.


"I'm Garros." He said to the otter as they shook hands and felt relieved from Felix's frank hospitality. Once the otter rounded the corner, Garros stepped towards the bathroom taking off an article of clothing with every few steps, first his tie, then suit coat, shirt, pants, and finally boxers. His tail wagged and twitched in long, slow swoops side to side as he enetered the bathroom and relieved himself, smiling in the mirror as he stood above the toilet.

Felix's company was a welcome experience. Finishing, he flushed the toilet and cleaned up quick, splashing some water on his face and rinsed his mouth out from the whiskey earlier, and took a tiny drink. He was so parched that a few laps of water went a long way. Garros breathed deeply and looked down, his erection still there which he flexed in anticipation to a night of good company before leaving the bathroom feeling normal, aroused, and happy.


Félix Rêverie opened the fridge and poured cold water that was sitting in there. He had filled two glasses, one for him and one for you. He heard the noises in the bathroom and smiled. He was appreciating the company. He felt relieved because his erection was coming down slowly. This change of pace and not having a big hard cock flopping before his nose was helping him a lot. As you took more time in the bathroom than he needed, he went to the living room and flopped on the couch. He put the glass onto the coffee table with coasters under. He didn’t want to ruin the wood under. He was afraid of the condensation on the glass.

He eyes trailed onto the passage and he saw your clothes on the ground. He stood up and folded them up. He put them in a corner. When he was handling your boxers, he sniffed it. He was curious our smelled down there. This didn’t help his little problem. His penis was fully back into his sheath. Now a couple of inches were picking. So he put them on the pile.

He was guessing you were naked, so he removed his clothes. He was happy to feel liberated of the fabric. When he wore them, it was itchy and uncomfortable. As an otter, his fur was thick so he didn’t really need clothes for warmth but more for decency.

He smiled at you when you came back. He was lounging on the couch, completely naked. His tip was showing from his sheath. This was not something that made him uncomfortable. He was more or less decent. “Come sit, please. Your glass is on the coffee table.” He pointed to it. “What do you want to do?” His eyes trailed over your naked body and his flesh jumped a bit more from the fur as he saw you were still erect. He bits his lips to avoid coming onto you.

If he had an erection that lasted like that, he would have started stroking long ago. So he proposed the following: “Do you need some privacy to take care of that?” In his teenage years, he was jerking it in the bathroom to avoid his parents and because he lacked privacy. In adulthood, he didn’t want to relieve that humiliating period. So it was natural to ask you that.


"Well, Felix," Garros said while taking a seat next to the nude, lean, and handsome otter and grabbed the glass of water, "to be as candid as you are, I thought I wouldn't need privacy, and that I wanted to do you." He took the drink down in one quick gulp and sighed a cold, refreshing sigh, before putting the glass back on the table on the coaster, and sitting back up placing his right paw on Felix's left leg, sliding up his thigh near the sheath and gripping his leg firmly.

Garros growled leaning in, "I want to kiss you properly, you sexy otter." His maw and lips were nearly touching yours, but he waited a split second, knowing how strong he was coming on to you, wanting you to lean forward that infinitessimal distance agreeing that you both wanted this.


Félix Rêverie blushed when you mentioned you wanted him. His body reacted to your words and touches, his flesh could be fully seen. His sheath was retracted and his erection was resting against his soft belly. When you leaned, he instinctively reacted and kissed you. His tongue was pushing against your lips, showing how much he wanted this at that point.

Nothing was stopping him now. He knew you wouldn’t mind what he did next. His paw moved to your length and he started to discover it. His touch was soft and careful. When he arrived at the throbbing knot, he squeezed it a bit. He knew this was a sensitive part for canines but you were a hybrid. He was wondering what effect it would have on you.

He broke the kiss. His paws still wandering over your length. He whispered while nuzzling you. “There’s lube and condoms in the drawer under the coffee table.” He had lube there in case he wanted to jerk it to relax but the condoms were also there not that he had a lot of action. It was just easier to clean than shower to remove cum from the fur.

He wanted this but he was hesitating internally. Usually, he was the one in control. This was maybe related to his side job as a lifeguard. He was not really submissive. You massive frame and posture made him melt in a puddle of submissiveness. He was not really inexperienced anally as he was versatile. At this point, he wouldn’t mind being under you.


Garros kissed back purring and moaning into you as you squeezed his knot, countering while kissing you with playing with your flesh. Gliding paw and fingers over your cock length and head alternating a firm grip and loose, flowing fingers, exploring you and what you liked. 

As you start to tell me where the lube is, I begin passionately, kissing your neck, facing you closer, moving in tighter, letting go of your cock and sliding my left paw under your right butt cheek, rubbing and gripping you firmly, and purring back, "uh huh," before kissing your chest, my mane rubbing your neck and belly as my tongue and lips caresses your furry chest and nipples.


Félix Rêverie was squirming in your touches on his sensitive flesh. It was long ago that someone else touched him like that. He was breathing hard and he was loving the kiss. It was warm and wet. He was blushing, but the color of his fur was masking it. When you didn’t really reacted to the proposal of the lube, he knew that he was thinking too far ahead. This was betraying his eagerness. It was months that he slept with someone. He was craving for the attention of someone.

Soon, he was on his back on the couch, you between his legs. His hips pushing back your hand on his right butt cheek. He was moaning loudly, when you started to kiss his chest and his nipples. He arched his back and his paws dived into your mane. He was caressing and massing your head. His body was spasming from the sensations. He felt his fur like it was on fire or electrified. His eyes and movements were filled with passion.

His legs were used to caress your side as you kissing and licking his now hard nipples. He was in heaven. A hard and sexy male was giving him sexual attention. He was now wondering if he was in a dream. But he could feel deep down the effect of everything you were doing. This felt real and he was feeling more than alive. This was what he wanted tonight. This wasn’t expected but the best things in life are usually unplanned and lucky accidents. This was one of those moments. At this time, he wanted to stop time and live it forever.

He knew it was just the start and more was to come. He was wondering where this sensation and feelings were to stop.


Garros purred and growled as he and Felix connected, sliding against each other, exploring their soft fur and hard muscles. Felix was toned and slim, but with such masculine features and muscles. His swimmer, otter body was unmistakeably present and thrilling in its sexiness.

Felix could feel the passionate licks, kisses, and touch given back to him as Garros' mane was played with and his head massaged. Garros loved that touch of two strong, dominant men playing back and forth almost vying for control of the situation through heavy petting and body contact. He was in his element, a primal, sexual fervor and he ached for more.

His left paw let go of its firm grip on Felix's taught, furry ass and glided--never leaving the furry otter thigh--to Felix's tasty, otter cock wrapping his fingers around its base. Garros leaned back up and growled before kissing the otter, crashing his tongue against Felix's, exchanging mouth presses, sucks, and tongue collisions as their mouths and tongues explored the other's.

After several minutes, Garros moaned as he let go of Felix's tongue, placed gently in his own teeth and began to journey down the otter's chest and belly planting kisses and inhaling his sweet mammal scent, until at last, his mouth arrived over the otter's cock. It was as featured and handsome as Felix's body, stately and perfectly proportioned. Garros lowered his mouth just behind the underside of Felix's cock head staring down the otter in primal lust, and began to slowly, achingly press his tongue to the shaft flesh, licking up to Felix's cock head before he wrapped his lips around it, and oh so slowly began to suck down, inhaling more of the otter's shaft in his mouth. Garros' grip remained tight on the otter's cock base, held firmly in his paw, and he continued working the cock over, his body and head rocking with lust and focus, as he maintained eye contact letting Felix know we was Garros' desired hunt, Felix's cock, the prey.


Félix Rêverie could feel that this wasn’t just passion. It was raw lust, almost animalistic. His thoughts were focused on you and your touches. Everything disappeared. The only thing his senses pocked was the touches, the pressure on his fur and flesh. The musky male scent filling the air of the room. The sounds of both your moans and breathing breaking the silence. His body was instinctively reacting to yours at this points.

When your tongue met his, it was fireworks in his head. They both engaged in a fight to control his muzzle. This was more sparing than fighting. His hands moved to your back, pulling you close and holding you, as he was feeling overwhelmed by the kiss and your paw around his the base of his manhood. His moans ranged from chirps to squeaks and groans. All of those were common for otters. What was worth of notice, it was that he was using all of them.

All those touches, reactions, gasping and breathing hard was a formidable dance of passion. Two souls, two bodies communicating in an all new level. This was almost a mystical event for him. Feeling the power of that frame made for power and killing. His was made for swimming fast. So you were intimidating, not that he minded. This was pushing him in a role he was not really used to. For you, he seemed glad to be.

His paws went back to your mane when you starting to kiss your way to his member. When he felt your tongue on his sensitive flesh, he squealed like a bitch. Your bitch. His back arched in pleasure and his hips pushed his warmth against your muzzle and tongue. When he started to handle the licks better, he started to caresses your air softly.

Between your legs, his tail was moving to the side. He didn’t know what to do with it. After a swoop, he felt something hard and throbbing. A grin appeared on his face. His tail pushed on your cock, rubbing up and down against your muscled belly.

When your eyes connected, he saw those hunters’ eyes. He pushed his back into the couch, trying to disappear but his eyes were still locked with yours. At this point, he was afraid to struggle in any way. He was sure that your muzzle was filled with sharp teeth. He could assessed that fact with his tongue when he was kissing you.

He still put his paws on your head to caress your fur and mane. His digits trailing around yours ears, caressing the base, encouraging you. He couldn’t stop himself of thrusting his hips inside your muzzle. You could feel he was really into it and into you. His tail tip wrapped around your length and slowly stroked. He had dexterity in his tail with years of training but this was pretty much his limit. This was the perfect example that it was a useful skill.

You could hear his moan getting louder and more profound. He pushed your head. “Please stop! I’m going to…” he growled trying to concentrate to not blow too soon. “I want to…. With you.” He was lost with the deep experience he was sense. He had difficulties. “Cock ring… there”. His paw pointing to the drawer he mentioned earlier.


Garros moaned around your cock as your tail coiled and tightened around his own, squeezing up and down. He could feel his cock wet, dripping onto your tail and sofa in ectasy with your body. He suckled on your cock in ways that would make most furs explode, but you had stamina from your work and life in the water, which was visiible in your physique and echoed in your sexual endurance.

My hunter eyes fixed to your's I took great pleasure in making you chirp and moan and squirm. But it was when you tensed so, moaning loud and in too much pleasure that I froze around your cock, unmoving, your otterhood engulfed in my mouth, buying you time to calm down before slowly opening my maw wide and coming off your cock to hold off on it cumming.

Garros got to his feet and gently slid his paws and arms under Felix's knees and back scooping him up and spinning around to sit at the corner of the couch before resting the otter gently in his lion arms. Felix's body layed on top of Garros, my back on the couch, and your back on me, my hard cock resting against your taint, poking up alongside your cock, your balls pressed between our two cocks. My large furry forearms held you soft and firmly, wrapped around your chest and belly line as I lightly licked and kissed your neck.

"I almost went for the kill there, Felix and would of swallowed every drop of cum you gave me." He laid with soft, loving care the side of his index finger against Felix's chin, and tipped the otter's head back to his lion maw, and kissed Felix in hungry, circular tongue crashes before continuing . . . "But I didn't know if I could make you cum more than once. Tell me, do you want to fuck me, or get fucked by me, or both?" Garros flexed his cock hard, engorging more, his canine cock tensing and swelling to a slightly larger size pressing harder against the otter's flesh as he waited to know more.


Félix Rêverie had indeed a lot of stamina from his years of competitive sport and pawing. He knows his body quite well. If he had orgasmed right there and then, he would have need to recuperate his stamina which could take some time. This rule went out of the window when he was really aroused. He could have argued that this was the case. This moment was so precious for him he didn’t want to cum too soon and ruin this moment.

His eyes was still locked with yours, lost in them and in your gaze. When you stopped sucking, he was panting hard, trying to calm down. He showed you affection with his paw on your head, caressing your cheeks and muzzle softly. He felt oddly secure in the warmth of your muzzle. When you released his throbbing and leaky member on his belly, he squealed. This was also accompanied by a soft whimper. His belly fur was now tainted with your saliva and his pre.

He melted again when you picked him up and placed him on your chest. He felt melt again. At this point, he was loving being your play thing. Your hard malehood was against his own. He was grinding slowly against it, loving the rubbing sensation. His paw grabbed your arms and kept them on his chest.

“I’m versatile.” He answered to your question. “So, I would say both.” He takes a glance on the clock. “It’s getting really and we might get stuck downstairs for a while.” He reached down with his paw squeezing your knot. He was also implying he wanted to have you in him. “I want to feel you, Garros.” He paused. “Going upstairs is not really an option at this point.” He gasped from the shivers he felt from your cock against his. “I’m too horny for that…” He rubbed his muzzle against yours. “I don’t know if you have work tomorrow. I do.” Before you could feel disappointment he continued. “I will call in sick. We will have at least a day to spend.” Indeed, we were a Thursday and coincidentally he had the weekend off too. “So if I don’t get to fuck you tonight, maybe tomorrow morning.” He moved his head to lick your muzzle. “By the way, you did well on stopping; I’m quite slow to recover sometimes. I didn’t want to take the risk.”

He reached for the drawer. Soon he had lube and a condom in his paw. He checked for which species it was. He had luck, it was canine. He had bought long ago one of those boxes with a couple of different condoms made for different species. For example: longer ones for equines, one that could fit a knot, one super strong to survive barbs, etc. He had also in the bunch normal ones that fitted him also. He didn’t ask you and put the rubber over your cock, making sure the pocked for the knot was correctly fitted on you. You were actually someone he just met. Even if cross species diseases were rare, he wanted to make sure.


Soon, you could hear the click of the bottle of lube. He put some on the condom. Even they were pre-lubed, it was best to put some for anal. Another click could be heard. His paw worked a couple of digit in him, lubing his hole. You throbbing member was put on the side to avoid being on the way. He grabbed your manhood and placed his rump on it and pushed a bit. “You can go ahead big boy. I’m ready…” He bit his lips. “Be gentle at first.” He was not inexperienced but he liked when his partner started slow and steady.


Félix Rêverie turned around and locked his eyes with yours. He lifted his rump as one paw rested on your chest, keeping from falling over. The other was guiding your protected member in his tight hole. When he felt it against his ring, he pushed back till he felt his muscle stretch around your flesh. He whimpered in pain. He stopped and was breathing heavily. He tapped his digit on your digit telling you he needed a moment to get used to you. He reached down and licked your lips softly.

Soon he was pushing back again. A sharp pain was felt again. He was breathing deeply. It took less time and soon all your length was in him. Now both paws were on your chest. He was teasing your nipples. When he started to move his hips up and down, his muzzle pressed against yours to resume the French kiss from earlier.

He was picking up pace quite quickly. He was moaning uncontrollably. The sharp pain was making room for an overwhelming feeling of pleasure. The fullness was making him crazy. He was lost in bliss. His lips locked with yours, his tongue dancing around yours. His paws was pushing on your shoulder, pinning you against the couch.


Garros growled lapping up kisses from Felix as fast as he could. The otter had a way with lust, his sexual eagerness was only outmatched by his attractive and handsome frame. Garros kissed back and wrapped an arm over Felix's back hugging the otter closer. His other paw slid between the two of them, finding purchase around the otter's cock that was now pressed between their grinding, furry frames. The hybrid flexed his cock repeatedly inside the otter, pulses rippled through both their bodies as if Garros could not stop cumming.

He bucked his hips forward and backward again and again as he lay under the otter, being mounted and pushed down so as not to be able to get away or even better, not be able to stop cumming when the time came. He moaned against the otter's maw, breathless and in sweltering heat in the throes of steamy sexual congress with this fine and handsome fur. His claws protracted and grazed the otter's back gentle enough not to cause damage, but enough to send chills down Felix's spine.


Félix Rêverie was feeling your manhood rub against his prostate. He could literal jolts of pleasure course through his shivering body. The moans that escaped his lean frame were becoming deeper and deeper. Now, they could be mistaken as animal noises. His rump was pushing more and more for your length inside him. His pace was regular and steady. His objective was to relax himself more before trying for your knot.

He already tried knotting but each he did, it was not really pleasurable. This time, he wanted to have pleasure in feeling your throbbing flesh fully in him. He wanted to be comfortable with all of you. Soon, he was working getting it in. Each time it pressed against his hole he squealed onto the kiss. The fact that your paw was pleasuring him wasn’t helping him. This was causing to squirm and grinding more against you as he wished for.

After of couple minutes of hard grinding and pushing, half of your knot could go inside him. He knew it wouldn’t be long that he would feel the pop. He was bracing himself to the overwhelming sensation of being tied to such an imposing male. He pushed himself more and his paws grabbed your shoulder, planting his claws in. The knot finally slipped inside him. His body tensed up and he started to shake uncontrollably. The pressure on his prostate was unimaginable. This was an orgasm time hundred. He wasn’t aware anymore if he was cumming or not. The only thing his mind was focused on was the pressure and pleasure he was feeling.

Every inch of his body was feeling things he never felt. Earlier he was sure that this was a near mystical experience. Now he had the confirmation. His muzzle was still against your, exchanging his saliva with in an intense tongue dance.


Garros quickly slid his paws to Felix's chest and pushed the hot otter away, as he gritted his teeth in a soon-to-orgasm primal smile, not wanting to take a chunk of flesh from the otter's tongue or lips. The effort Felix had made bouncing up and down slamming against his knot trying to take it in was commendable, but actually achieving it with the tight pressure of his hole on Garros' cock and knot was too much to handle, he was beginning to cum, and not just cum, but explode from within.

Garros' shove, was gentle but forceful, pushing up the otter at full arms length, causing Felix's cum covered cock to hang erect in the air aiming at Garros belly, chest, and face, where the hybrid knew it was going to leave it's mark. Garros' legs slide and shook in discomfort, as his body tensed, and balls pulled tight against him, and through gritted teeth roared as he shot long, pulsing streaks of sticky white cum up into the otter, slowly creating a liquid bulge in Felix's belly from the dozens of seconds of cum flying within.

The lion in him roared as he held the otter by the chest, fingers and claws gripping tight, while the tight, freshly broken into hole, twitched around his knot and gripped him even more fiercely than he did Felix. "Ahhhh!" He bellowed, his body spasming as hard as his balls and cock did against and inside the otter.


Félix Rêverie squeaked when he was pushed upward. He whimpered as he wanted to continue to kiss you. Soon, his eye caught your teeth. He understood that you didn’t want to hurt him. His weight was on you paw.

Indeed his bobbing cock was expulsing his seed. The first spurts were expulsed on your belly. Now in the air, his seed was flying off literally. The intense pressure of the knot and growing condom building up against his prostate was the reason of this. Also, due to the deep arousal, his seed was more liquid than usual. A couple of ropes landed on your muzzle and the rest on your chest and belly. Each spurt was getting less and less powerful as he was expulsing them. His orgasm lasted for at least a minute.

When it finally ended, he felt like he had lost all of his energy. All of his weight pushed against your paw. Then he fell on your chest. He was breathing hard and he was totally spent. He was feeling the throbbing and pulsing of your knot. He could bet that he was feeling your heartbeat via your flesh. He move his muzzle against yours. He rubbed a bit of seed. Soon, his tongue was licking it off. “Sorry…” He didn’t really want to paint your face and body.

His arms moved against your body in a tight embrace. When you stopped to grit your teeth. He kissed you again. He then put his head against your neck, dozing off a bit. He was in the state in between awake and asleep. His hole was clenching from time to time on your knot. He mumbled a couple of words. “I like your knot.” Even though it was stretching him to his limit, he felt oddly comfortable with it. Also, the connection with you felt a bit more intense and deep.


Garros kissed him back, smiling, laughing and overwhelmed at the whole experience. He wasn't sure if he ever came that hard before, he had trouble rolling his eyes back down they seemed to be upturned trying to find where his thoughts were wondering off to.

There was silence amid the sounds of their kisses and breathing. Silence past the beat of their hearts as they lay together as one puddle of bliss.

"No apologies," Garros said lapping at his tongue as he kissed back and getting a distinct musky sweet flavor of otter cum; it tasted akin to salty cashews and vanilla, it was wonderful. "I could have so much fun with you, Felix." He purred those words softly near the otter's ear as they drifted off to sleep, his lion mane a pillow for them both, Garros' cock and knot swollen and still firmly embedded in the stallion of an otter.


Félix Rêverie dosed off when you said the last words. He didn’t picked up on them. He was too tired to retain their meaning. After a couple of hours of being snuggled against you and using your mane as a pillow, he woke up uncomfortable. Your knot had deflated and your cock had slid back into your sheath. So half of the condom was in him. Your cum escaped the rubber and drizzled down your private part, soiling your fur and on his couch staining it.

He groaned and reached down and removed the condom from his tail hole. He made a knot and threw somewhere on the ground. He was tired and he didn’t care at this point. When he saw the mess, he was thinking about cleaning up in the morning or just plainly change side of the cushion. He was really in a lazy mood.

He straddled your chest as he slid off on the couch. He was still half on you. He licked your muzzle and brushed his against yours. He then moved to your ear. He whispered softly. “Hey, do you want to move upstairs in my bed? We might be more comfortable.” At this point, he really needed his bed but he didn’t want to let you downstairs. He was pretty determined to stay with you there if you didn’t want to move or plain not waking up.

In his daze, he was not sure if you were real or a figment of his imagination. Then the flashes of what you did before dozing off was a confirmation of everything. He then remembered the used condom somewhere on the ground. Then there was your fur and warmth against his body. While he was waiting for an answer, his paws were discovering your muscles from your chest to your belly. His made soft churrs of contentment.


Garros opened one eye which lazily searched out what had woken him up from a satisfying cat nap. His pupil found Felix and narrowed on him. Garros' face went from tight with a lone fang hanging out to a wide, happy grin, he purred contented.

"Hey sexy, otter" said Garros sitting up and grabbing Felix's sides which were deliciously lean to the touch. The sleeping lion-wolf pulled himself closer and let a leg fall to the floor for balance as he kissed the otter again.

He growled at Felix, "Sure, let's get to your bed, let me just clean you off first." Garros climbed on top of Felix, licking his lips, face, head, chest, everything he could get his paws and tongue to before rolling the otter to the other end of the couch and setting him on his belly. The position allowed Garros to spread the Felix's furry ass apart with his paws as he lapped up the carnage his cock and knot had caused earlier, slurping against the otter's hole and pushing in cleaning up the messy cum that had dripped out. After several minutes the good work was finished and the otter from head to toe, and ass to cock, was beyond clean, he was pristine.


Félix Rêverie was smiling at you when you woke up. He was happy you soon did too. He answered to you. “Hey, handsome.” He kissed you back. He yelped when you go on top of him. Now he was the pinned under your weight. He blushed against. His half asleep body barely registering everything that was happening. “S-Sure…” He was wondering what he was saying about cleaning up. He felt the hybrid’s tongue, he remembered he was half feline. Soon, your tongue was on his body lapping confirming his thoughts. “S-Still. I want my shower tomorrow morning.” He paused. “I want you in there with me…” He was implying that you were not doing a good job. You were any way. He didn’t want to lose your presence for a minute.

His body was waking up from the touches and licks. Every part was. Soon, he was hard again and the brushed for tongue sent him in heaven again. When you turned him around, he felt powerless from you, the big alpha wolf, half-wolf in your case. He pushed his rump as you started to lick his tight hole. He was moaning loud, overwhelmed by the rim job. It was pretty rare someone did that to him.

When you finished, he felt his body damp by your saliva and brushing. He stood up and took you by the paw. He was guiding you through stairs and house to his room. After leading you inside, he pushed you on the bed. “You got me worked up. Your turn.” He started to lick your body, as you did. He was no feline, so his licks brushes were not as precise and effective as yours.

He took great care of your package. He sucked the dried cum from the matted fur. He made sure you were all clean down there. Every dry drop of your seed was being sucked from your fur. He rubbed your sheath to make your cock appear again. His lips wrapped around it, to clean your flesh. He was soon bobbing up and down. His tongue swirling around flesh. Each time he went down on you, he tried to kiss your knot with his lip. One of his paw was squeezing it and the other one was fondling your balls.

Earlier he was expecting having sex with you in the morning for a second time. Never did he thought that a couple of hours after your climaxes, he was playing with your manhood again. He was happy to be able to taste your salty and musky cock. He was enjoying every minute of it.


Garros purred at such pleasant attention and skill. He was sprawled out on the bed and for the second time tonight, under the otter, he'd have to remember to top him later. His arm laid back behind his head as he leaned a large paw forward and gently stroked Felix's cheek as it puffed out around his cock before resting his paw on the otter's head his fingers curling out petting head from front to back before picking his paw tips back to palm and stroking them out again. His muscled leg slide against Felix's thigh and as his knee rose up grazed the strong otter tail.

He needed those additional sensations to distract him from coming in a sudden rush from the skill of the otter's mouth, whose tongue and whiskers teased and tickled so and beckoned more of Garros' vitality to erupt.

"Oh Felix, you're a few seconds from making me cum a second time..." said Garros, as he squirmed under the otter and bit the inside of his lip.


Félix Rêverie nodded as you told him you would cum soon. He didn’t let your cock go. The only effect was that he was bobbing more rapidly, taking more and more of your knot each time. His paws squeezing now the base. He wanted to taste your seed. At this point, he was satisfied but he wanted your pleasure. His other moved your rump and massed your ass cheeks after lifting one leg after the other. At one point, he put one over this shoulder. His digits pressed and massed your tail hole. He let drool fall on them. Soon he was working a finger to find your prostate.

He continued to tease till you blew your load inside your muzzle. He literally drank from it, sucking every drop of it. He continued to suckle your tip till your member started to deflate again. He stood up and moved to the edge of the bed. He opened the covers and pulled you under them. When you two were in bed, he snuggled against you and wrapped his arms around you. He needed so bad someone with him in his usually cold bed. He was happy.

“If you are wondering why I sucked you off. I wanted it like. I’m a bit tired and we can have more extensive fun in the morning.” He paused and kissed you. “I could get on all four for you…” He was imagining himself in that position and it wasn’t helping his deflating erection. “Or under your tail as you proposed earlier.” He kissed you again. “Or you could stay for the weekend… and do more…” He knew he was pushing a bit with his proposition. It was now Friday and he said he would call in sick in the morning; He didn’t know if the hybrid would want. So he made a soft plea. “Please Garros… I would love to…”


Garros whimpered slightly before growling as Felix's digit slide inside him and with magnetic attraction, pulled towards his prostate. He was a second away from exploding but was made all the more intense and longer an orgasm when, like a button, the otter pushed down on it. His pelvic walls spasmed around the foreign paw, Garros' large balls swelled and tightened towards himself as his back arched, his paws grabbing fistfuls of bed and sheet; he bucked his hips up pouring the rest of his creamy seed into the hungry otter as Felix swallowed it down.

"Ahh! Fuck!" roared Garros through gritted teeth, his body shaking as Felix kept sucking for several moments on his sensitive canine cock after the rest of his cum had been drained. When it was all said and done, he lay there on Felix's bed, maw open, tongue rolled out, panting and purring, he listened to Felix as they slid under the covers cuddling close. He hugged the otter, wrapped in sheets and wrapped around Felix and purred against him.

"Yes, call in sick. I don't have to be to work for some time and I'd love to use tomorrow and the weekend to get to know you more Felix, and yes," he smiled and nuzzled his face against Felix's neck and cheek, "continue this too." said Garros happy to have such company and sex with another fur whose sexual appetitie was as ravenous as his own.

After a few groggy minuted Garros found himself asleep with Felix, their bodies pressed softly together breathing the air of fresh sex and clean animal fur.


Félix Rêverie had fallen asleep when you agreed. He was happy and spent. His slept better than he did in months. When he felt the sun on his eyes, he woke up and looked at the clock. It was fairly early but he could call his work. He was working at a school and at this hour he was pretty sure there would be someone to take the call. He turned to you and you were sound asleep. He carefully nuzzled you and kissed your muzzle.

He was careful when he stood up. He didn’t want to wake you. He looked at the closed door. He didn’t remember closing it. If he did open it, he was sure the sound would wake you up. He looked at the opening of the pool system. A swim would be great to relax his muscles from last night. He was feeling a bit sore on his tail hole. He did take a knot after all. He glided into the water without making any sound. This was a trick mastered by the otters. He used the tube system to get to the living room, sliding downstairs.

When he arrived at destination, he put his arms on the border and let his body in the water. The coldness was feeling great and helped to get his thoughts in order. At this point, he was confusing by the male in his bed. He had still the impression he was in a dream. He wasn’t sure where this would go. Did he want a relationship? Or just a weekend of fun and go separate ways? Maybe they were so pent up that they needed someone to release and then move on? Those thoughts were quite depressing him.

He sighed and thought: “Look Félix, let’s think about the present and worry about that stuff at the end of the weekend. Enjoy it while you can.” This cheered him up a bit. Just enough to push him out of the water. He was dripping wet. The floor in every room was covered in a waterproof material and in every room there was a couple of drains. This tunneled the water into a recycling system and into the pool. He groomed his fur a bit, making water fall on the ground. His furniture was made for water living species. So nothing get ruined. He saw the stain of your cum on the couch. He remembered the night and he started to get hard. “Damn, focus” he thought.

He took the phone and called the school he worked for. He faked sickness and told him he was sick and he would be back on the weekend. They didn’t make that big of a deal. This would have been out of character. He usually didn’t miss a day at school, even with a cold. He needed the money and at the end of the year he could recuperate those days in money. So the call went pretty well. He sat on the couch and rubbed your cum. His hardness was throbbing.G

His paw found the warmth of his flesh and he started to stroke thinking about the events. He bits his lips not to moan. He soon stopped. He didn’t want to release too soon as he had a handsome male to satisfy in his bed. He used the pool system again, using the tube upwards. He used an old otter technique to check if you were still sleeping. Only ears, eyes and nose were showing. He was listening to your breathing. He was almost sure you were still deep in your dreams. He exited the water with minimum noises. He straightened his fur and used a towel to dry a bit. His fur was still damp when he slipped back against you. When he tried to be the little spoon, he felt your hardness on his back. He blushed immediately. He turned around almost immediately, taking that morning wood into his paws. He was horny as ever. It was like he hadn’t released for one month. His muzzle was against yours, kissing. He was almost urging you to wake up.


Garros yawned stretching his limbs and curling his body in a twist, his ass mid-way between resting on it's side and pressed back down on the bed as he curled his torso and head skyward, his shoulders set against the mattress and pillow, his hand paws flopped on his chest. Dimly, he started to awake feeling the usual tightness in his groin from morning wood, which he quickly realized was being fondled and tugged on, the lion in him purred deeply as he began remembering where he was and who he was with.

Tilting his head, Garros  licked at the otter finding Felix's face, and grabbing him with large paws.

"I'm not going to get anything done in a day around you am I?" He chuckled and held the otter's arms gently, his tongue licking and kissing the furry creature. "Lay on your belly, Mr. Horny." Garros said in a commanding tone to Felix as the hybrid rose up in the bed, the otter's paws still fondling his caninehood.


Félix Rêverie was happy that his new friend awoke. He grinned as the hybrid was sounding grumpy. “Not used to lutrine playfulness?” He kissed and licked you softly. “I hope you are not complaining to have someone to satisfy your morning. If I had that someone every day, I would be happy.” When you ordered him on his belly, he felt like melting again. He followed them and soon his rump was up in the air just for you. He lifted his tail. The tip was tickling the back of his head.

His paws looked through the drawer of his nightstand. “Hold on big boy.” Soon he put a bottle of lube and a couple of canine condoms on it. “Please, be safe with me.” He said that like a plea. “If you’re wondering if we will run out, I can tell you that I have some around.” His head turned to you and he looked into your eyes. “I don’t expect to be the one that will have all the fun…” He was implying as you stated the night before that you were versatile too.

He wiggled his rear in a suggestive manner, waiting for you to act. His tail hole was all yours to ravage.


Garros growled back a grunt, and applied lube to his condom covered cock and then to Felix's tail hole, sliding his fingers in circles before pushing in, feeling the otter tense and then relax, marveling at how responsive his hole was after having been opened the night before. Garros lay forward, his belly and chest down on the otter's tail, resting his weight upon Felix's back as his thick cock pushed against and finally slid into Felix in a pleasant, sensitive rush.

"Oh you're such a treat of an otter, Felix." Growled Garros before bearing his teeth down on Felix's shoulder flesh and sliding his arms under the otter's. The hybrid's hips rocked back and forth, coming off Felix's round rump before plowing back in and making a distinctive, muffled furry thump and like a train, Garros picked up momentum, fucking Felix faster and faster.


Félix Rêverie was excited when he heard the sound of the condom wrapper and bottle of lube. When he felt your digits prod his tight hole, he tensed up then relaxed. He was moaning from the touch. Soon he felt your weight and your length invading his insides. He squealed of pleasure as he tried to push back to you. He wanted to relive the events of the preceding night. “You’re one too, stud”, he answered to your compliment.

When your teeth buried in his shoulder, he cried out “God, Garros.” His left paw landed on your mane and grabbed it. He was holding you there. His muzzle rubbing yours in passion. Usually he was the one planting his teeth into his partners. It’s a thing that otters do when mating. Being in the receiving end was feeling amazing. His body was rocking back to you, responding at your thrusts. He wanted your whole and you could feel it.

"Garros, don’t hesitate to knot me when you can” he gasped full of passion. He was in ecstasy as he was never dominated like that. That weight, that power, those teeth. He was fully submissive. “Breed me like a bitch” he moaned. “Make me stain the bed”, he was pleading. With each thrust, he could feel your cock rub against his prostate and the sensation of fullness was building up his orgasm. His other paw was squeezing the sheets under him.


Garros growled through furry otter shoulder flesh, their bodies rocking against the bed, dragging the sheets under them. He flexed his cock inside Felix and pushed in long thrusts with circlular swirls at the end working his knot inside the otter once again. Finally, Felix relaxed and open up enough to allow the canine knot to pop in with a distinct slurping snap that made both of them moan.


Félix Rêverie growled in pleasure as soon as the knot popped in. His back arched as much as he could, but the pressure of your body was making his task difficult. He was at this point pretty close. He was contemplating the abyss of pure bliss. When he felt the condom inflate from your seed and the added pressure on his inner walls and prostate, he was pushed into the canyon of pleasure. He grabbed a pillow and bit on it as he started to orgasm. Soon, he could stickiness and wetness on his fur and on the sheets. At this point, he lost track of times. After coming back from it, he tried to assess how long he was coming, for him it was like it lasted hours.

He panted hard as you did, resting on his back in the sweet afterglow. After a couple of minutes like he felt like suffocating under you. He used his arms to put you both on your sides. He wiggled his rear to get really close to you again. His muscle clenched around your knot. “I could get used to be tied to you like.” He chuckled as he rubbed his head against your muzzle. His arms holding yours in a tight embrace. He stayed silent a couple of minutes trying to calm down and enjoy the fullness. It was like there was finally no missing piece in him.

Then he broke the silence. “When we can move”, he clenched on your knot again, “I propose a shower and a breakfast. I think I have bacon somewhere, something that can satisfy your meaty taste.” He was assuming as you were a half wolf and lion hybrid that you preferred meat in contrast to his more fishy taste. He grinned. “Then we have the all day to do whatever. I already called in sick.” He pushed his head as much back as he could to lick your muzzle. “You’re the guest, so we can do what you want.” He scratched his left ear. “Same propositions as last night… So television, games or pool.” He chuckled. “We can also add sex to that. What do you think handsome?” He then tapped on your arm. “Don’t even think on putting clothes today. My place is clothing optional and I want you naked… just in case.” He let a playful squeaky lutrine chuckle.


Garros leaned forward against Felix, maws pressing together kissing the otter as if he was much needed air. When he could stand to break away for a moment, Garros growled, "That all sounds so good, sexy. You've certainly made me hungry from all these drainings and your tasty tight hole. Why don't we leave in a few to eat, relax, and maybe go for a dip in your pool?"

He paused taking in the site of Felix and purring with a tired, happy smile. "Bacon sounds perfect."


Félix Rêverie slowly started to wiggle his bum, tugging on your deflating to exit while he continues to talk. “If you want to go out to eat is fine for me.” He thought a bit. “Actually that might be a good idea. Let’s fill you with energy.” He grinned. “Then I will take pleasure to drain you again.” He snuggled against you, enjoying your big frame. From time to time, he tugged. After a couple of minute of work he got the knot out in a groan. “Ah. That feels good.”

He felt his hole spasming from having something that big. He reached down and carefully removed your condom. He then threw in a basket no far from the bed. He then tapped your hips. “Ready for the shower? Come on.”


"Mmmph." Groaned Garros as Felix pulled off his knot, his cock lazily sliding out of the otter hole. He patted his paw several times squarely on the round hole which tightened back to its original form and pressed his pad hard against it rubbing his paw in circles feeling Felix's fleshy ass muscles as the otter removed Garros' condom.

"Shower and a meal, sign me up," Said Garros, standing on his knees on the bed over Felix reaching his paw down for the otter to grab, and picking Felix up to him, pulling the furry swimmer's body to his own and kissing him while paws wandered all over.

He giggled kissing the otter and grinding their bodies off the bed making their way to the shower, a large lion paw sliding over the base of otter tail and round furry ass squeezing tight.


Félix Rêverie kissed the hybrid back. He couldn’t get enough of those lips. He had also grabby paws going all over the wolf-lion’s body. After a while he broke the embrace. He took your paw and pulled you to follow him. “Come on or else if will go for round two right.” He chuckled softly guiding through the home and pushed you in the shower. He was walking funny as his tail hole didn’t retract fully yet. His tail was wiggling behind him.

Soon, he threw his swimmer’s body against yours pinning you against the wall of the shower. His paw opened the warm water to the predefined temperature. During a couple of seconds the water was cold, but it was getting warmer by the second. His lips was devouring yours in passion, his paws all over this body. “Let’s get you clean up. You were smelling of musk and sex. Not… I was minding.” He giggled. “I’m sure where we are going people would.” He smiled and kissed your nose. “Pretty sure I do too…” He thought. “Although we are smelling of wet fur now…” His paw reached to the soap and he started to rub it all over the hybrid’s fur.

After a couple of seconds, he had put soap from head to toe. He took a bit more care of crotch though, rubbing and fondling the thing that was giving him pleasure and lots of fun. Also the thing that triggered all this. He released you from his grip and gave you the soap. “Your turn.” He wiggled his bum. “Don’t forget my ass.”


Garros laughed as they kissed . . . and cleaned . . . and fondled each other under the stream and steam of pouring water.

"Ah, yes got to keep up appearances, I understand." He fought Felix back with more kisses and giggles, purring his maw against the otter while rubbing up and down Felix's sides, his large, lion paws sliding down farther to grab fistfuls of ass. Garros purred and growled as Felix held his caninehood in his strong otter hands and lathered soap around his cock and balls.

When Felix mentioned that Garros would need to clean the otter's buns from all that had been done to them, the hybrid bit the inside of his lower lip, which formed a mischevious grin; a lone fang stuck out in front of his curled lips. As Felix turned around presenting his supple ass, Garros growled, dropping to his knees and rubbed and rolled the otter ass in opposite circles separating and pressing the tender, furry flesh with his massive lion paws. 

He purred hearing the quiet moans Felix made and once all the plentiful lather, sweat, lube, and cum had been all washed away, Garros leaned in and began to lick deep in Felix's ass. He re-lathered his paws, reaching around and gently stroking Felix's otter cock and balls as his tongue danced around and within the quivering hole, and purred louder as Felix's moans grew louder, echoing with falling water and Garros' grunts of lapping pleasure.


Félix Rêverie groans and giggles as his paws holds himself against the walls of the shower. “I didn’t mean that way.” When your tongue landed on his tender flesh, he groaned louder. He pushed his on the side to give you free access to his hole. “F-fuck… I need this.” The licks and the brushes from your tongue was soothing and relieving him. “I was getting sore…” When you licked the right spot. “Oh god.”

He was also enjoying your paw. Both assaults was pushing him more and more to edge. His orgasm was without doubt building up. He could feel that tingling sensation in his groan. His hips was pushing back more and more over your tongue. He cried out a warning. “I’m going to blow.” He was warning you but he was sure you wouldn’t stop. Soon he was painting the wall with his seed. After a moment it was washed away by the water. His body was shaking from the second orgasm in less than an hour. His legs was giving in. He did try to hold back. Soon he was on the ground just beside you. He turned around and wrapped his arm around you. He kissed your nose and lips. “Let’s finish up.” 


Garros hugged Felix close as the shower head poured water down, cleaning off their sweat and cum and nodded softly as he hugged Felix, purring against his new found romantic partner. "I think it's time we dried off and ate, I promise not to make you cum for a few hours." Said Garros as he turned the knob off above his head and Felix grabbed towels for them both. They laughed and made noises, Felix chirping while Garros purred as they dried each other off. The two lovers headed downstairs towards breakfast, each wearing nothing but a smile.


Félix Rêverie hugged back and kissed you. He stood when you proposed to dry up. He took the towels and he started to dry you as you did it to him. When you made a comment about him cumming, he smiled and rubbed the base of your tail. “I hope I get to do that there.” He grinned widely. Soon, you were going downstairs. Thoughts about feelings was creeping regularly in his mind but he pushed them away.

He was now preparing breakfast as you were doing some small talk. “You never told me what you did for a living. So what do you do?” After a while he presented you a plate of bacon with sausages. On his own plate, instead of sausages he had a bit of fish. “So talk a bit about you.” His footpaw landed on your crotch as you were sited in front of him. He was trying to tease you.


Garros layed back in the dining room chair, paws behind his head, and sniffed deeply, inhaling the smell of sauteed fish and bacon. This time, it was his stomach that growled.

"Actually, I'm a teacher as well, a couple towns over, at Harris academy. I teach Literature." They continued small talk for a few minutes while the smell of food teased their nostrils, Garros watched Felix make breakfast in the nude, smiling at the otter.

As soon as Felix had set down their plates, Garros dived in, purring and eating his food hunched over his plate as if it were a fresh kill. He snorted in surprise as Felix's foot paw met with his crotch, which had the consequence--seeing as how both of them were nude--of giving Garros a mighty erection while he ate, the otter foot paw fondled its way around his canine cock . . . there was little teasing involved, though Felix's face suggested otherwise."Well, I've taught there for seven years now, started teaching right out of college. The fact that most of these college students are near my age seems to help more than anything in relating to them and imparting what I know. I get along with them pretty well." Garros sighed remembering what brought him to the bar and Felix, he'd have to wait out what should be a fruitless search into Andrea's account of events, it helped that he wasn't at the game. He wondered if she really was assaulted though or if she was making everything up as some desperate resort to get out of needing his class credit to graduate.


Félix Rëverie was listening you carefully. He was pleased to know you were a teacher too. His face was calm and it was showing concentration. Deep inside, he was a bit teasing. His footpaw rubbing till he could feel you hard. He glided your length between his webbed toes. He wanted to grin to show you that he was toying with you but he was being playfully calm. He was in the meantime eating and sipping his orange juice. A glass of it was sitting in front of each plate.

“Like I said at the bar. I’m a swim teacher. I teach kids to swim and I coach the swim team. There are a couple of very talented young. I really hope they will get a scholarship.” He pushed your cock a bit. You were said you won’t make him cum but he never agreed to not make you cum. His toes were squeezing your knot as it was inflating with your blood. “I was also in the swim team. I was quite the swimmer at that time. I was always training hard. I had a scholarship, full ride when I started to study to become a teacher. This was my backup scenario but at that level I was not talented enough. Still, I started to teach at the other side of the country. I transferred when I want to distantiate myself from my old life.” He took a bite of his fish. “I love working at this public high school. The kids are good in general. I see that my work as a positive effect on their lives. Which pretty gratifying.

He thought a bit more about your situation. He then broke the silence. “Shouldn’t you be at work?” When those words exited, he knew something was wrong. He was working in the same field and there were only a couple of possibilities. “I’m sorry. You can ignore my question.” He chuckled. “Otter are curious in nature. Don’t mind me.” His footpaw was increasingly putting pressure on your hard length.


Garros moaned after he finished eating, partly from the sweet taste of meat, and partly from Felix's extra grabby footsie wth his cock. He leaned back in the chair, groaning in pleasure and brought his claws out on his right paw, gently teasing the otter's foot as Felix's webbed toes were working their magic along Garros' shaft.

"I was accused of molesting a student." The words hung in the air as the two of them paused before Garros continued. "Patently false mind you, one of my female students failing my course said I groped her a few nights ago during a game, which I didn't attend, and besides that, I'm gay," He paused for a moment and smiled out one side of his mouth, "which I'm sure you've already deduced." Said Garros grabbing Felix's foot with both his paws and began to tickle the otter unmercilessly.


Félix Rëverie finished his meal too. He lounged on the chair, his paw putting more pressure on your cock. He giggled when he felt your claws. He loved the playful way you were acting. Then you dropped the bomb and he stopped. He looked at you intensely. You confirmed it was a lie. He was giving you the benefit of the doubt. Even though you were fooling around with a male, it didn’t mean you couldn’t be attracted to a female. “You know, we are in the same boat. I have very specific guidelines at work. Not be alone with a student: male or female. And other things. I would never touch one of my students.” He paused. “If they know I had a preference for males, I would be fired on the spot. So I can relate.” Around this school, people were thinking that gay people are inherently pedophiles. The fact he had no girlfriend was already hard for him.

“Look, I believe you. Even though we met only yesterday, you don’t give me the vibe of a sexual predator looking for easy preys.” He sighed. “That would be stupid to risk his livelihood for a tail.” He grabbed your paw on the table. “I’m here if you need to talk or my help.”

After a short silence, he tried to continue his footjob but soon you were tickling and he was trying to escape. “You said that you would avoid to make me cum. You never said that I shouldn’t make you cum…” He grinned. “But if you don’t want, we can go the next thing on the list: the pool.” He looked at the clock. “We need to wait a bit before going into the water. We can lay in the backyard and take a nap, then go for a dip? What do you think?”


Garros purred to Felix's mention of a nap and a dip in the pool and stood up with Felix, holding the otter's paw in his. His canine cock was massively hard and dripping with precum from Felix's fair attempt at making him cum. For some reason he didn't want the otter to know how close he had been to cumming again and truth be told he was ready to bottom for Felix.

The hybrid stood close to Felix pressing their bodies together in an embrace, Garros' cock poked Felix's belly before sliding up just shy of the otter's chest as Garros hugged against him and kissed the otter deeply. After many seconds, Garros broke away from the kiss enough to say, "Thank you for believing me Felix, it's making this an easier day for me."

He kissed Felix some more, slightly laughing and licking the otter's open maw and tongue tasting Felix and the fish the otter had just consumed. "I'd like to feel that handsome cock of yours inside me, Felix" Garros growled wanting it badly, and also loving the idea of getting pounded so hard they both napped before going in for a dip. He knew it would be one of the best mornings in a long time and taunted Felix by wiggling his butt, causing his canine cock to rub between Felix's belly and chest as his lion paws slid along that sexy otter body.


Félix Rêverie stood up and happily met your embrace. His arms wrapped around you, pulling you close against his lean body. He moaned when he felt your hardness against his belly. He was a bit disappointed he didn’t get to push you to climax. This thought was soon pushed by your words. “That’s natural. I’m sure you’re not really the type of being inappropriate with your students, male or female.” He hugged you, squeezing you hard. His muzzle found yours for a deep kiss, dancing with your tongue.

His ears perked and flickered when you mentioned having him in you. He blushed and got troubled. He felt immediately his blood rush to his groin. His flesh was leaving his sheath quickly. Soon, his own member was brushing against yours. He wanted to blurt “But you said you wanted to avoid making me cum for a couple of hours” but he decided against it. He stayed silent enjoying the closeness of your body. He broke the embrace and smiled at you. “Let me fetch what we need to do that, handsome. Then we go by the pool.” He had this fantasy of having sex with someone by the pool, out in the open, feeling the sun on his fur.

He walked towards the living room and opened the drawer. The one that had the condoms and the lube he used last night. He took one that was pretty standard. The otters don’t have knots or barbs. So it was quite easier to find something suiting them. With both in his paw, he took yours with his free one and led you to the backyard. He put a rubber mattress on the ground. He pushed you on it, urging you to lay on it. When you did, he joined you. His body over yours. He put what was in his paw not far from you both. He resumed making out with you, his paws all over you. “Are you sure you want to do this?” The sun was shining on the lower side of his body. The warmth was sending shivers down his spine.


Garros nodded, he was certain. "Yes, I want this, but I'm probably pretty tight, it's been years since I bottomed and I haven't done it much, but I want it, I want you, Felix." He kissed the otter once more, and grabbed Felix's dick giving it a quick squeeze, letting Felix know he wanted play badly.

"I can't wait." Said Garros as he layed on his belly and wiggled his butt up a little for Felix. The hybrid arms were folded under him, his head laying on top of them


Félix Rêverie nodded as you were telling him how tight you might be. He approached his muzzle from yours. He was breathing regularly. His eyes lost into yours. His tongue slowly licked your nose pad. He then pressed his lips against yours for a kiss. His paws were busy. He was playing with the bottle of lube. Soon, you two heard the click. After a while a cold and slick finger was pressing against your hole. You could feel he was very careful with his movements. You started to give in to the pressure. His was being engulfed by your tender muscle. He groaned onto the kiss and he got more passionate as he dug deeper in you.

He didn’t want to hurt you so he was taking his time with you. After five minutes, he was adding a lubed digit inside you. He then wiggled them. He wanted to be stretched and comfortable when he was getting to the next stage. His fingers exited your tightness. The condom wrapper made a ripping sound. He put the rubber over his throbbing erection. This was teasing him. There was a stain on the ground where his pre fell. He lubed himself up as the last step of the preparation.

He moved between your legs and spread them up. After a moment, his covered tip was pressing against your tight hole. It gave in easily as you were stretched. He pushed till he was fully in. He then leaned to give you a kiss. He stayed like that connected with you. He was kissing you, enjoying being so close to you and also giving you the opportunity to adjust to his erection inside of you.


Garros moaned as Felix slide his fingers inside the hybrid ass and began to work him over. Arms hugged the otter tight as the two kissed, canine cock expanding rapidly between them. The minutes flew by as fast as moans escaped both their lips, each arousing the other more and more.

Garros' legs trembled slightly as the otter pushed his legs apart, tail-hole spread for Felix. The hybrid growled and gasped as he felt Felix slide deep inside of him, making his end feel far too full, claws protracted out of lion paws and dug into the otter holding Felix close as Garros' canine cock twitched and throbbed in place, his semen dripping onto their fur.


Félix Rêverie locked his lips with you as he was picking up the pace of his love making. He was making sure he was not hurting you. He had always cared for his partners. He was groaning and growling of pleasure, making squeaky noises. He was enjoying you. You could feel it from his kisses. He slipped a paw between both of your bodies. He wrapped his paw around your length and he started to stroke at the same rhythm he was fucking your tightness. As the minutes were passing, he was getting closer and closer. His breathing was heavier and his body was feeling electric.


Garros' breathing grew more ragged as Felix gripped his cock and matched his topping speed to stroking the thick canid meat. Both moaned feeling their energy build, close to releasing against and into each other. Garros' muscles tightened involuntarily along the length of his body, his hole tightening around Felix's strong cock, hybrid balls squeezed together and pulled close to his body as his legs and paws shuddered in tense orgasm.

"Oh, fuck! I'm coming!" gasped Garros.


Félix Rêverie wasn’t surprised that the hybrid was coming so soon. He was far from his climax. Garros hadn’t helped with the multiple orgasm he had since waking up. He knew this was a possibility since he had teased the wolf-lion with his foot paw. He moaned when Garros painted his belly and chest with his seed. He was grinning and still going at his steady pace. He scooped up a bit of cum on his webbed fingers and licked them clean. “Mmh… dessert.” He moved his paws to each ankles and hold the legs spread as he was fucking.

He was now concentrating on his own pleasure. He picked up the face going faster and faster. He pushed the legs onto the side and laid on Garros. His muzzle found the neck and he dug his fangs into the fur. He started to fuck the hybrid quite passionately, like a feral otter would do to his mate. This was becoming more and more animalistic. He was feeling his climax building up. After what it seemed five or ten minutes, he came hard into the condom deep in the hybrid. He then let the neck go and nuzzled it. He stayed silent for a couple of minutes before talking. “Thanks for these moments Garros.” He was still buried inside his new friend.


He growled through clenched teeth as Felix made him cum, holding Garros' cock in his nimble paw, which spurted sticky, white cum all over his belly, chest, and hitting him on his chin, as he trembled under the otter. He quickly realized Felix hadn't come either, as the otter kept pounding into him, causing Garros to gently pump out his last remaining drops as otter cock massaged him rapidly hard from within, pushing against his prostate, getting every last drop of his essence.

As Felix, lapped up his hybrid cum, he purred while still shuddering, his cock and hole twitching from the endless pleasure of being fucked to orgasm. He moaned out loud, "Oooh, Felix." As the stud otter moved to hold his ankles, legs spread wider for deeper pounding. Garros' laid back fully, his paws gripping anything they could against the constant otter assault moaning, "Fuck." over and over again as he was made to be Felix's willing hole.

As Felix fell on top of Garros and kept a fast pounding, the hybrid quickly brought his paws and claws to bear around Felix's back holding the otter tight as he was deeply bred. As Felix bit down on Garros, the hybrid could feel more cum shoot out between them, causing Garros to orgasm shudder under the weight and power of Felix. The minutes ticked on, Garros lying underneath a now feral otter shaking uncontrollably, gasping and moaning, as he was no longer bred, but made to be a fuck toy from such a long fucking. His legs squirmed underneath Felix as the otter finally came, feeling the cock pulse inside his ass. Garros' eyes twitched in rapid succession as he lay under the otter pressed tight against him, his hybrid body squirming with the over stimulation of pleasure.

He didn't have the strength to verbally respond to Felix's thanks beyond licking the otter's muzzle in a half-awake, post sex state.


Félix Rêverie was lost in bliss for a long time. This passionate moment had brought him far. So far that he didn’t know where he was and what he was doing. He just laid there on your body, pressed against it. His breath was rapid but slowing down as the minutes passed. He was entering into the afterglow. His eyes were heavy and he was feeling sleepy. He closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them. He didn’t know if he had slept or not but he was now thinking more clearly. He could feel he was still deep into his friend, you. His deflating manhood was starting to itch. He pulled his penis out and removed the condom. He made a knot and tossed it aside.


He then shuffled to snuggle close against you. His body was half on you and his muzzle was resting on your neck. He whispered “Thank you.” His tail curled around your leg. He didn’t want you to go. “It’s very nice to have you around.” He said softly while feeling drifting off due to the exhaustion and the warmth of the sun.

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