Licking by anonyartist
Gift exchange by beatboxgal
Freebie by Falling-for-Fall
Tentacle attack by marioella
Fun with a friend by iceblizzard
Monochrome request by rebelnightwolfe
Icon 1 by Electrocat
Sketch by Lixeon

I entered a free sketch stream. This is the result.


Bortherly love (3) by anonyartist
Pinup sketch by ljeshot
Raffle prize by Dixiorz
Suck your master (1) by tntkl
Ball fondling by Nihk
Three dudes at the beach by znake13
Reference sheet: NSFW Result
Partial suit - Head - Finished + Whiskers 1
Reference sheet: SFW Result
Partial suit - Tail - WIP 1
Partial suit - Head - Finished
Backroom Romp by RileySockfoxy
Partial suit - Tail - Finished
Sketch by wolfadic666
Silly icon by Darkvlorp_Frostypaws
Partial suit - Head - Finished + Whiskers 2
YCH by Magenta7
Sketch by /u/Your_Fluffy_Pet
Suck your master (2) by tntkl
Freebie headshot by Ophyena
Partial suit - Head - WIP 4
Partial suit - Head - WIP 3
Bortherly love (4) by anonyartist
Fish nom by Lixeon
Reference Sheet: Draft
Dratter butt by anonyartist
What a mess by seductivefeline
Sketch by Jawlock
Bortherly love (1) by anonyartist
Headshot by ryelletibun
Reddit flair by /u/Dreadsteel
Partial suit - Head - WIP 5
Headshot by matt-darkpaw
Peets by Ailuranthropy
I will make it fit by Atsuko~
Partial suit - Head - WIP 6
Headshot 2 by ryelletibun
Paws by mitsuki-onega
Surprise butsecks by kaputotter
Partial suit - Head - WIP 1
Raffle prize - Icon by sonicsweeti
On the carpet by Annairu
Furry Art Roulette 11 Result
Furry Art Request 9: Result (art by drkchaos)

I entered the Furry Art Request Roulette 9 on the /r/furry subreddit. This is the piece I got back from the...

Icon 3 by Electrocat
Partial suit - Head - WIP 2
Bortherly love (2) by anonyartist
Fun with an hippogriff by RileySockfoxy
Asserting dominance by Joojoo
Icon 4 by Electrocat
Icon 2 by Electrocat

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