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  • Name: Félix Rêverie
  • Family
    • Winter Rêverie (brother)
    • Dustin Désir (cousin)
  • Species: Dratter (hybrid)
    • Species 1: European river otter
    • Species 2: (Furred) dragon
  • Age: 29
  • Birthday: 5th November 1986
  • Orientation: Pansexual
  • Sex: Male
  • Particularities:
    • Horns.
    • Fur is fire/warmth resistant.
    • Wings that folds into his back fur.
      • Wingspan of 3 m (9' 10'')
        • 1.5 m  (4' 11'') for each wing
      • He can't fly. He's too heavy for that. The wings are more like a parachute or glider. He compensates by warming up the air under the wings. (See next specificity)
    • His fur can warm up.
      • In water it can lead to boiling water in his surroundings.
    • He can create water vapor from his muzzle.
    • The warming up is created due to the presence of two different compounds in his body. When combined they create an exothermic reaction. One compound is naturally present in key area's:
      • Membrane of his muzzle
      • Paw pads
      • Nose pad
      • Fur
    • The second compound is secreted by sweat or any other bodily fluid at the desired area.
    • He can generate electricity and shocks from his finger tips and in his muzzle.
    • He can use the electricity in his muzzle to create arks and plasma. That plasma can be used as a weapon.
      • Creating plasma ask a huge amount of energy and it damages the inside of the muzzle due to the high temperature. This is something used in last resort.
      • After a burst, it takes usually a couple of weeks to one month to be able to use that ability again.
    • Otters are usually musky. He didn't lose that ability in the hybridation. His musk contains a pheromone that can increase libido.
  • Build: Bulky and muscular
  • Height: 2m (6' 5'')
  • Cock:
    • Draconic.
    • 14 inches long
    • 4 inches wide
    • 6 inches wide at the knot
    • Knot
  • Preference:
    • Versatile dom:
      • 90% dominant / 10% submissive
      • 90% top / 10% bottom
  • Profession:
    • Swim teacher during the school year
    • Life guard during the weekend and school vacation
    • IT professional in some universes
    • Mercenary in the futuristic universe
  • Character: Bubbly, forward, honest, down to earth, smart, dreamer, and much more.
  • F-list: Click here
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